Wednesday, 25 January 2017

on to Cusco

Jan. 10,11/17
"Cusco" is our next stop and is a short ride from "Ollantaytambo". We bid farewell to our hosts and hit the road early. The plan is to stay for two days, John will be leaving and heading home to "Kelowna". Trevor has arrived from "Ecuador, and will be taking over John's moto. There is paperwork to be dealt with  and it has to be done through a "Notary". This also is a good time to rest, I can catch up on the "Blog" and Andy  editing "Video Footage". There are times when we have no service, or it can just be hit and miss, so we take full advantage while we stay at the "Royal Inca Hotel". Nice place to stay, reasonably priced, and they serve a wonderful breakfast, with fresh cooked omelets of your choice, all included. The decor is beautiful as well. Today there was a demonstration in the plaza, complete with "Riot Police". We watched it for a time from our balcony, it remained peaceful and lasted a couple of hours. Tim went out and picked up air filters  as well as more synthetic oil. With the dirt roads we have been on so far, it is time to change them out. Should improve performance. Dropping in altitude will also play a big role,"Cusco" is 12,000 ft, and we will be continuously descending from this point. Being John's final night with the group, it is out for a farewell dinner, we are entertained by a local group of musicians during dinner, fantastic. Tomorrow will be an emotional day for us, as we bid farewell to our new brother, we will all miss him.
Al Nino

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