Thursday, 12 January 2017

Entering Peru

Today we will say farewell to "Bolivia" and head into "Peru". Getting out of the city is a daunting task. Some roads are closed off due to the "Dakar" celebrations. We are fortunate enough to get a "Police" escort to the outskirts of town, nice "Moto Cops", think they felt sorry for us. On the way Andy and I visit the ruins of "Tiahuanaco" to be here was an awesome experience, ever since I learned about it from the show "Ancient Aliens" it has been on my list of things to do. The rest of the group continued, and we will meet them in "Peru". When we cross into "Peru" we run into Tim. Surprised as we thought they were way ahead of us. Bad news, while having lunch on the "Peruvian" side of the border, someone stole Tim's helmet off his bike, complete with his "Sena" helmet cam attached. He had to buy a new helmet to continue. Meeting up with the others we continue our ride to the city of"Juliaca". Cold and tired we clean up, and go for pizza, except for John he loves his "Pollo". Tomorrow we will ride to the village of "Ollantaytambo", and stay two nights in the "Hospedaje Acclla Wasi" This will be our jumping point for "Machu Picchu"
Al Nino

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