Thursday, 12 January 2017

Machu Picchu

Jan 9 /17
Going to be a long day today, our train leaves at 5:40 am and returns at 21:10 pm it is an hour and a half ride each way. Taking a bus up the mountain to the entrance, you wind your way up, switchback after switchback. Very steep terrain, beautiful scenery, and the buses are very comfortable. You need to purchase a pass to enter, we did this earlier and had them printed out at the hotel in "La Paz". Show your pass and passport and your in. A short walk from the entrance and suddenly, wow "Machu Picchu" appears. I was absolutely speechless, an absolute marvel. The size of the ruins is absolutely amazing. Spending most of the day here was easy. I would refer to it as, a mind blowing experience. Humbling as well, words can't do it justice, you have to see it to believe it. Be prepared to do a lot of climbing if you visit, good footwear and water is a must, as well as a fully charged camera.
There is a "Cafe" and"Banos" at the entrance to the park, and you can come and go with your pass. The town below offers a great variety of restaurants, as well as many souvenir and gift kiosks. I would definitely recommend this adventure to anyone. We met for dinner, did some shopping and boarded our train. Soon everyone was sleeping, it was an exhausting day, and a most memorable one.
Al Nino

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  1. Looks like the ride of a lifetime keep posting cool to see the adventure unfold.