Thursday, 12 January 2017

Salt Flats and on

The storm is over, another beautiful day beckons us to the "Salt Flats". Our set rendezvous time 9:00 am. Andy has a head start on the flats, he is hoping to pull off some drone footage, before the masses arrive. Riding the motos on the flats is an experience. You can ride for ever it seems, one rule to remember, come out the way you go in. If not, you could get lost in the vast expanse of salt. After exploring for a time, we meet at the entrance to the flats and continue our journey. We will be heading into the city of "Oruro" today, not a long ride.
This is fine with the group, as yesterday's ride was a true test of motorcycle skills, as well as physical endurance. Ed went down several times in the mud and sand. Cash went down in a huge water hole, maybe he was hot and needed to cool down. Minor damage to the bikes and riders, lucky for them. We arrive in "Oruro" late in the afternoon, we have just battled through a severe rainstorm. Cold and weary, we check into a hotel, not fancy but shelter from the elements. There is no elevator, and bringing the gear up three floors is very demanding. It is the altitude, I find myself completely out of breath by the second floor, as if someone was sitting on my chest, even my fingertips are tingling, a true sign of lack of oxygen. Showered and warm, we meet for a quick bite, by 8:30 pm it's lights out. Destination tomorrow "La Paz"
Al Nino

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