Friday, 6 January 2017

Bolivia, here we come

Today we break camp early, it rained hard in the night, we want to dry our tents before packing them away.
We will be entering Bolivia today, it's crucial to get there early to avoid delays. Climbing high through the mountains, the scenery pristine, the air crisp, what a ride. At the border crossing we are lucky, not to many people ahead of us. Still the process is slow, so patience is the key. It still took over two hours for the six of us to be processed. Cash used his American Passport which resulted in him paying $160.00 US. dollars to enter. He had to, as all his border crossing stamps were in it. Once in Bolivia a "Cambio de Casio"  is first on the agenda. We exchange any left over Argentinian money, and purchase Bolivian. Now on to our next goal, the town of "Tapiza". The ride from the border to Tapiza is awesome, twisty road, great
scenery, mountains of red, wonderful. We arrive at the "Hotel Mitru", reasonably priced, clean, pool, and a breakfast that's included in the price. Staying here again, would be an easy choice. Meeting another group of crazy riders from Brazil, we all decided to join one another for dinner. Interesting to say the least, lots of great stories and pictures to share. They had six riders to start, but two left due to injuries. Great times were had by all. Best of luck to team "Magnifica Magma" on the rest of their journey. After dinner and back at the hotel, our group gathered in the lobby to book our "Machu Pichu" excursion.
Al Nino

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