Friday, 6 January 2017

After the storm

With the sun shining, off we go, we manipulate our way through the streets, dodging the huge pools of water, left behind from last nights storm. As we leave town, ditches are filled to the brim with brown silty water. The fields teaming with the growth of what they have to offer. Sunflowers, Corn, absolutely beautiful. There are thousands of acres planted here. Agriculture is huge, I have never witnessed so many pieces of farm equipment, massive in size, so diverse in the jobs they perform. Cattle also dot the fields for 100's of kilometers as well. Nothing like a good Argentinian steak. Just ask my "Carnivore Amigos". Today our sights are set on the city of  "Cordoba. It is very hot, and we need to make extra stops to hydrate ourselves. At one stop, Andy's bike blows over in wind into Cash's bike which falls into a parked car. Running through the parking lot, Andy, Tim and myself recover the bikes to their previous positions. Only a little bit of damage, lucky for them, could have been alot worse, especially to the car.
Back on the road we are nearing our destination, upon arrival we stop again to hydrate our parched souls, and look for a campsite. We decide to go a little further to the town of "Jesus Mary". En Epoca de Festival Camping Puerto Caroya, is where we lay our heads for the night. Off the road early, we can set up and continue the drying process of gear and belongings. Quiet campground, nice host as well.
Al Nino

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