Thursday, 12 January 2017

La Paz, Bolivia

Riding to "La Paz" our motos are not performing well. Altitude playing a big factor, also low octane gas, that is all we can buy. Again we hit a huge rainstorm, lightning fills the sky, visibility poor, riding conditions becoming terrible. Closing in on "La Paz" roads are flooding, most intersections under water. At one intersection water covers a set of train tracks, unfortunately for John he goes down. Immediately drivers stop and help him get his bike upright, his rear wheel is still lodged in the track they struggle to get it free. Lucky for John he only has minor damage to the bike and body. Ending up at the "Hotel Gloria" the bikes are put in a secure area, this will give us enough space to do maintenance. Deciding to stay an extra day, we all do some sight seeing, even take a tram up and over this city of approximately 3 million. Andy, Tim and myself take the mountain pass up and over to "Death Road" Climbing to an altitude of 15,300 ft. then decend to10,600 ft., 10 kilometers in, we are turned around, we watch a landslide cover the entire road. It will take hours to clear. Back to "LaPaz we go, we need fuel, one station won't sell it to us. Another does, but you need your passport to make your purchase. An early start tomorrow is the plan, so to bed early it is. Loud music fills the square below us, it's 4:00 am. They are doing sound checks to welcome the "Dakar" riders who will be arriving later today. So much for sleeping any longer.
Al Nino

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