Wednesday, 25 January 2017

January 14, 2017

Everyone seems well rested, a very high mountain village, quiet, no activity to wake us during the night. It is cool and misty as we depart, a few are experiencing headaches, this was an unscheduled stop, and we are out of "Altitude Sickness" medication. In a few hours we will be dropping in altitude as we approach "Ica" symptoms should dissappear.  This road is a motorcyclists dream come true, so many curves and switchbacks, awesome ride, a bit unnerving at times, no guardrails and very steep terrain. The trucks and buses that travel this route tend to make use of both lanes, so biker beware. Anticipate their moves and you will survive, if not, off the road you go, and you will be airborne. "Motos" can't fly. Stopping in "Ica" we fuel up and continue north to the "Lineas Y  Geoglificos De Nasca". There is an observation tower to give you a birds eye view, best to view from an airplane if you can. Andy sent up the drone, but was promptly warned that it was not allowed. Continuing on to "Huacachina" we will stay the night and the next day there. It is a "Desert Oasis" surrounded by massive sand dunes that reach a height of 300 ft. Here you can "Sand Board" your way down if you are brave enough. A very beautiful spot, off the beaten track. We checked into the "El Huacachinero Hotel" nice place, very clean, has a pool, breakfast included as well. It is located at the base of a large  dune in a quiet area of town. Good place to relax and do some exploring.
Al Nino

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