Friday, 6 January 2017

On to Uyuni

Today we decided to explore the town before our checkout. Very interesting place, the markets were full of people, street vendors in full swing, tiny three wheeled taxis ripping through the streets. Soon we are all packed up and ready to roll once more. "Uyuni" is where we are heading to, then onwards to the "Bolivian
Salt Flats". As we leave "Tapiza" the road to "Uyuni" now becomes gravel and much more. The road is totally under construction, not so bad I guess, except it is 208 kilometers of construction. The scenery on the other hand is absolutely amazing, just don't  take your eyes off the road too much, or you just might be over a cliff. Between huge water holes that cover the entire road, boulders, switchbacks and sand, it looks like were in for a very interesting day of riding. We climb high today as well, and we peaked at around 12,700 ft. Arriving in "Uyuni later than planned due to road conditions, we fuel up, and make the decision of whether to carry on. A storm is brewing and lightning fills the sky. Tim, Ed, and Cash decide to stay, Andy, John and myself decide to continue.  Upon our arrival at the "Salt Flats" it is now dark, and rain starts to pound down on us. We concede that the "Salt Flats" will have to wait till tomorrow. Andy stays in a hotel near the flats. John and I head back to "Uyuni" and bunk down at the "Hostel La Magia de Uyuni". Tomorrow morning we will all meet at the"Salt Flats" and do some exploring
Al Nino


  1. To Al,
    Dayna has a dream off seeing the salt flats some day. She has wanted to for many years now. She would probably love some photo's

  2. Wow! You have all had quite a week. Great job on the blogging. Looking forward to more and seeing pictures. Stay safe- keep having fun ! Happy Face !