Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Jan 13

Down to five riders now, its an early start. We bid farewell to Trevor, we may see him in "Lima", but are having our doubts. It is a long way to catch up to us and he needs to rest his wrist, not to mention the road between "Cusco and "Ica, has about 300 switchbacks. You really have to be on your game. Half way during our ride today we encounter rain, fog, and cold weather. Climbing high over the mountains riding till almost dark, we stop in a small village and check into a hostel.  Frozen and weary, our altitude is 13,700 ft. "Hot Soupa" for everyone, topped off with "Pollo and "Arroz". The hostel is also a general store, so we grab extra water and chocolate. Cash buys Choclate for the owners children, I give them  Canadian Wristbands, they are most thankful. We pose for group pictures, with Mom, Dad, the three kids and the five of us. It is now 8:00 pm, we retire to our tiny rooms, tomorrow we depart at 7:00 am. and continue the journey to "Ica"
Al Nino

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